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Our company’s experienced design and product analysis team realize how to satisfy innovation, aesthetics and functionality at the same time, based on costumer’s desires. The conceptual design services are as below:

  • Preliminary sizing
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail design
  • Calculation of aircraft aerodynamic coefficient and characteristics
  • Design and improvement of aerodynamic and fluid dynamic characteristics of aircraft and related components.
  • Planning of aerodynamic test and analysis of test results

We offer full aircraft performance analysis

We can study the response of required aircraft by customer with respect to different applied inputs of pilot. Handling qualities analysis and compliant with required standards can be performed with more assurance.

Preparing loading manual according to applied standards.

Checking of loading manual to verify validity and accuracy of applied calculations and results.

Interpretation of used standard paragraphs, preparation of loading process and writing loading manuals and providing validated references about loading of aircraft.

Blue Bird
Blue Bird2

Dorna company’s design and feasibility services cover a vast range of disciplines.

The services include:

  • CFD analysis
  • Structural design and full scale structural test
  • Design and construction of metallic parts
  • Consulting in civil airplane design and manufacturing process
  • Distin and construction of composite parts
  • Obtaining aviation certification such as:

-DOA (design organization approval)
-STC (supplemental TC)
-Technical documentation such as flight manual, maintenance manual, IPC manuals and schedule manuals.
-TC (type certification)
-POA (production organizations approval)
-Consulting in standardization and documentation