Pica 3

High wing two seat full Composite structure Aircraft

Under Development

Pica 3 is High wing two seat, side by side full composite aircraft,  with good cockpit design layout and space.

It is powered by Rotax 80/100 HP engine with a three blades ground adjustable propeller.

Aircraft Concepts:

  • 2 seats, side-by-side.
  • Spacious cockpit design with very good all round visibility
  • Full-composite structure.
  • Short take-off and landing (STOL) capability.
  • Superior flight characteristics

Regulations: CAP-482-CAA, LTF-UL Germany

Pica2 Dorna Aircraft
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Weight and Loading

Empty Weight, Equipped 285 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 450 kg(472.5 kg wiith BRS)
Usable Fuel 2×45 liter
Wing Loading 45 kg/m2
G Limits +4 and -2

External Dimensions

Wing Chord, Constant 1.1 m
Wing Aspect Ratio 8.28
Length Overall 5.28 m
Fuslage Max With 1.17 m
Height Overall 1.17 m
Propeller Diameter 1.68 m
Wing Span 9.1 m


Wing Gross 10 m2
H Tail 1.79 m2
side pica3
top pica 3
front pica 2

Power Plant

Engine Manufacturer Rotax
Model 912 UL
Max Takeoff Power 80 HP/td>
Fuel Type Automotive Super 95% Octane Unleader or Avgas 100 LL


Manufacture: WOODCOMP
Type: SR200
Specifications: 3 blades fixed pitch, Ground adjustable


Max Level Speed at 8,000 ft.(TAS) 110 Knot (200 km/h)
Stall Speed (Flap Down) 35 Knot (65 km/h)
Max Rate of Climb 200 m/min (720 ft/min)
Service Ceiling 14,000 ft. (4250 m)
Takeoff Run (To 50 ft. obstacle) 650 ft. (200 m)
Landing Run (From 50 ft. obstacle) 600 ft. (180 m)
Max Range 550 nm (1000 km)


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