12-19 Seater Aircraft

Full Composite Nineteen Seater Twin Turboprop Aircraft

The world number one Full Composite Aircraft (FCA) in this range is designed to provide success in aviation and having the right answer to the right question at the right time, the evolution of aircraft types has diminish the 19 seater in industrial world but the need in developing countries is rising now.

a full composite 19 seat with much easier maintenance of a composite aircraft suits the need of developing countries and will find a good market with no competitor. one of the specific considerations feeding the design was the simplicity of expansion of the aircraft to 30 passengers so that it can be put into longer routs and paves the way for designing indigenous passenger aircraft.

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  • Transportation (passenger and cargo)

  • Air ambulance

  • Rescue operation

  • Border and marine patrolling

  • Parachuting training

  • Oil and gas pipe patrolling and inspection

  • Environment protection guarding for wildlife refuge

  • Post and mail deliveries

  • VIP version


Technical Data

MAX. Cargo 2038.5 kg (4500 Ibs)
MAX. baggage for each passenger 15 kg (33 Ibs)


Two eastern turbo prop engines or western (in case of request)
Constant speed propeller with reverse pitch ability

Passenger’s Cabin

Number of seats 19 seats
Length 5 to 6.1m (15 to 20 ft)
Width 1.83 m (6 ft)
Height 1.68 m ( 5.5 ft)
12 seater
122 seater

External Dimensions

Wingspan 20.03 m
Total length 13 m
Total height 5.55 m
19 seater


Cruise speed (in H=12000 ft) 400 km/h (250 mile/h)
MAX. Climb rate (in standard conditions) 550 m/min (1803.3 film)
MAX. Altitude with one engine 3050 m (10000 ft)
Range with 2000 kg cargo 450 km (281 mile)
Range with 900 kg cargo 1200 km (750 mile)
Ability of operation with cargo and passenger in ISA +30 climate conditions.


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