Metal Parts Manufacturing

The capabilities to manufacture parts by the following methods of metal cutting, gas welding ,argon welding and sheet metal forming.
H.F Dorna''s extensive experience in design development and manufacturing of composite and metal constructions make it the ideal business partner and supplier of parts to aviation.


Sheet metal forming

  • Aluminum heat treating.

  • Drilling/Riveting.

  • Finishing [Chemical rinse/Sand blasting/ Anodyne(chromate conversion)/ Primer/ Top coat].



  • Argon welding (Al/St./Ti).

  • Modular jig/ fixtures

  • Stress relief


Machining milling

  • Accuracy (0.005 mm)

  • Work piece dimensions (50*40*40 cm)

  • Surface finishing( ra: 6-3-1.6)



  • Accuracy (0.01mm - 0.03 mm)

  • Work piece dimensions (Q 600 mm /L 2000 mm)


Erosion machine

  • Accuracy (0.05 micron)

  • W.M.D. (990*590)

  • Surface finishing (ra: 0.2 micron)



  • Accuracy(0.05 mm)

  • Surfacefinishing (ra: 12.5-3.2)